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Recommended Pet Policies for Condominiums and Apartment Buildings
If you are on the board of a Home Owner's Association (HOA), this pet guideline below from the Human Society would be very helpful in establishing rules concerning pets. The provisions noted here may be adopted “as is” or serve as a guide in developing appropriate rules and regulations for your pets-welcome policy. Most of these provisions also apply to private rental houses, codos and townhouses

Click on this link to take you to the Recommended Pet Policies from the Human Society

Be careful of violating Condo Dog Rules.  One of the main rules is to keep the barking down.  Click on the video below to see a Condo owner ready to be violated. 

Condo Dog found another interesting story about condo's who require DNA sampling from their dogs in order to track down owners who don't pick up their dog's poop!  Also, check out the video about the DNA product from Poo Prints. 

The general manager of the Devon Wood condominiums has found a high-tech solution to the ground-level problem of condo dog owners failing to pick up after their pets.

Barbara Kansky said she laughed out loud when she discovered dog doo could be subjected to DNA testing to help stop the flow of canine excrement landing on the condo complex’s 350-acre property. “They were driving though it with the mowers. The tires were getting covered,” the general manager said. “It was disgusting.”

In an effort to hold the perpetrators accountable, the condo association is collecting DNA samples from the cheeks of all dogs living at the Liberty Street property. A third party contractor stores the DNA samples in case dog doo is detected so it can be tested for a possible match to a condo owner’s pet.

“Some people thought it was a joke and I told them CSI come to Braintree,” Kansky said.

For a $50 charge the condo board now requires all condo dog owners to have their dogs swabbed for DNA testing and entered into a database.  “I was a little upset at first having to pay for it, but I do understand it was a problem,” dog owner Jim Burke said.

Kansky said the threat of doggie DNA testing has effectively curbed Devon Wood’s sticky problem. Since the testing began, she said there have been only three incidents that have prompted DNA tests.Violators of the condo association’s no tolerance poop policy face a $150 fine.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton contributed to this report.

If your condo has too many condo dog owners not picking up their dog's poop, Poo Prints would be a great idea to suggest to the condo board. Click on the video below to find out more about the company who produces Poo Prints. 
I found this very interesting story about a women with a medical disability who loved her condo dog.  

Some people with a disability medication or constant doctors visits and some people find relief with a therapy dog. That's what was helping one South Florida woman till her condo association said the dog had to go. And that's when Help me Howard with Patrick Fraser stepped in.

WSVN -- To many people, their dog is a life changer. To some people, their dog is a life saver. Claribel Ruiz: "I need that companionship of my dog."

Claribel's dog is named Sky.

Claribel Ruiz: "Because she is like the sky. She means everything to me."

Claribel suffers from anxiety and depression. Sky is a registered therapy dog, helping Claribel like medication or a psychiatrist might help another person.

Claribel Ruiz: "The dog helps me when anxiety kicks in. When I want to run out of the house, when I feel like I can't stay in one place, she calms me down. She stays by my side."

But Skys presence has left the Chancellor Hall Condominium Association yapping.

Claribel Ruiz: "The man, when he saw the small dog, he wanted us to take the little dog out."

The association doesn't allow dogs. So Claribel sent the condo president this prescription that says she requires the companionship of the dog, a letter from her doctor explaining that it's needed for her medical condition and they sent the registration papers for Sky.

The condo president's response:

Claribel Ruiz: "He says 'He doesn't want dogs here. That the law does not allow to have a dog.'"

The association then hired an attorney who sent this list of medical questions about Claribel for her doctor to answer. And the lawyer then asked Claribel to release all her medical records to the association.

Claribel Ruiz: "And if he knows and he likes to gossip the entire building will know about all the problems I have."

Claribel and her doctor would not fill out the paperwork. So she gave up and told the condo president she would get rid of sky. That wasn't enough.

Claribel Ruiz: "His response was 'That will work, but you have to be willing to pay our legal fees.'"

Claribel was stunned. Being asked to get rid of Sky and pay the associations attorney for trying to force her to get rid of Sky. That's when she decided to fight to keep Sky and called Help Me Howard.

Claribel Ruiz: "I appreciate anything Channel 7 can do for me."

Well Howard, this is Claribel, this is Sky. Does the condo dog have to leave the condo?

Howard Finkelstein: "No they do not. Under the Federal Fair Housing Act, a therapy dog cannot be barred from someone's home, even if animals are not allowed. The problem is that associations have the funds to hire an attorney to frighten the pet owner into giving up their animal."

I spoke to the attorney for the association. Michael Bass told me we do not want to deny Ms. Ruiz the right to her dog but we need to see proof that she has a disability.

Howard Finkelstein: "And they don't have a right to get medical records for a person that has disability."

To fight the condo association, Claribel needed an expert and Matthew Dietz volunteered his time to help her.

Dietz specializes in helping people with disabilities. He says that the Fair Housing Act regulations were supposed to make it easy for someone like Claribel to have her dog. As to why associations ignore the regulations, he says they just don't know any better.

Matthew Dietz: "They don't get training. They don't get training as to what the Fair Housing Act is and they don't get training as to disabilities. They believe that their rules in some way come from a higher source than our federal laws.

Claribel now has some peace of mind because with Matthew Dietz's help, Sky wont be going away.

Claribel Ruiz: "I feel better. Thank you for helping me. The lawyer and Channel 7."

If Condo Association doesn't back down and Matthew has to take them to court and wins, they will have to pay his legal fees. And that can be expensive for an association.

Now if you feel like you are the victim of housing discrimination like Claribel, there is an organization called Hope that helps for free.

And finally, if you are curious, want to see the difference between therapy animal and service animals, it's all on our website at under Help me Howard.

Troubles dogging you? Need some assistance? Contact us. We don't do therapy but we do provide a service at a perfect price, free.

HOPE (Battles Housing Discrimination--for free)
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Broward 954-567-0545

HUD Bulletin on Service Animals and Assistance Animals

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